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Anna Sahakyan

Graphic designer



My First Sketchbook | Daily Sketching

Hi everyone!

My name is Anna and I am a graphic designer. And this is my first class on Skillshare. I bought my sketchbook for a long time but haven't use it yet. So this is the right time! It's never late to start with something new to do. I chose to make art every day for the new experimentation, for not to loose creative imagination and just be inspired by something new in every new day :)

Day 1

I have a lot of different art supplies. Among this I have the watercolor pencils but never used them with water. So for the first I will try to test it. And what to draw? As my sketchbook cover is red it just gave me an idea to draw something in red. poppies!





Day 2

For this day I make the blind tool selection. I touched the bowl of water. Then I was thinking to select again, but... why not to start with water! So I made some big water circles with brush and then I started to color them.

Tools:  water, watercolor pencils, graphic pens, uni-ball silver gel pen and silver pencil in graphite



Day 3

All day long I was listening the new released album of Grand Corps Malade "Il nous restera ça". And the phrase "Il nous restera ça" were used in all songs of the album, and I took it for sketching. So from the first sketch I loved the typography, and then I made another sketch.






Day 4

Make art in a few minutes! I made pieces of paper with numbers from 1 to 15 and I picked up the one with number 7. So let's make some sketch in 7 minute. I took the graphic pen and just started to draw what I had on my dinner table :)

P.S. I think next time I will find to do something harder :)


Day 5

Today I made an experiment to draw in another way. I drew directly with aquarelle cubes. So here is the result. 


Totaly I didn't like it. And again I made the 2nd sketch, even I gave it the name "Windows" :)


Day 6

A cultural day! I visited the exhibition of Wifredo Lam and I get inspired by his works. And his two works "Totem" were the inspiration for my earings.
P.S. (here is the link of Totems )


It's not so bad, isn't it? What are you think about?
I think I have to launch my own jewellery line :)

Day 7

To draw without thinking! So I took the ink pen and first made some lines, circles and then the ink drops. And I looked through to find a meaning and I found the faces. Then I made more detailes to making them visible :)

Tools: black ink, silver graphite pencil


Day 8

Having fun with my hand :)


Keeping up with sketching!

From November 30 Day Challenge

Day 3: Colors

I have not planned to take part in november challenge, I will just continue my daily sketching. But this topic gave me an idea, so I am sharing it with you :)


And again colors, more colors, pure colors ...



. . .


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