My First Realistic Succulent

My First Realistic Succulent - student project

My First Realistic Succulent - image 1 - student project


Completing this project took me a lot of time! I did the very first part (lighter leaves) in 3 days and then I left it for weeks before I convinced myself to keep going. Then, I committed to it and had another go (3 more days) to finally finish this piece. This project was hard for me since I am not particularly patient, but the level of detail is worth the result. I definitely need improvement on the water droplets, but overall I think this is the best that I've done with watercolor!

I did not have fancy materials to work with, so I used Canson Cold Press 9x12" 140 lb, and I did not have any of the greens (well, only Sap Green from my W&N palette ), so I had to be very creative and look for blog entries on how to get the greens required for the succulent. I have Koi Watercolors and also a set of Winsor & Newton, and for the pink, I only used Cyclamen from INDART (liquid watercolor). Unfortunately, the tape ripped a bit off my paper (see on the right side), but I guess that can be hidden with a nice frame.

To use such cheap materials, I think this looks great, what do you think?


I am very happy and proud of my work :)