My First Punching Cradle

My First Punching Cradle - student project

Punching Cradle made following Chris Carter's instructions


My First Punching Cradle - image 1 - student project

Perfect way to use up some of my Gelli Print and stenciled papers to cover up the brown side of my cardboard.

I used a lighter cardboard that was in my stash and am amazed at how easy it was to accurately make holes in the paper crease.  

(The little watercolour 'tags' are as a result of taking your Tags class - another terrific one and such fun!)

My First Punching Cradle - image 2 - student project

Folded up and ready to be stowed - such a handy accessory.

Thank you so much, Chris, for your easy-to-follow instructions and great class.





Robby Cook
You're never too old to learn