My First Painting: A Quick, Easy Guide to Making Your First Painting Ever!

Status: (Production soon-to-be in progress.)

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Class Description

This class will go through the most basic of basics for creating your first painting. It is most appropriate for someone who has never created a painting before, but all are welcome to try this technique for making your own work.


As it is the least intimidating for most folks, we will be creating an abstract painting out of basic colors of acrylic paints.


A few skills you will learn:

  • How to prepare a space for painting
  • How to set up a palette
  • Where to obtain non-intimidating inspiration
  • Basic color mixing
  • How water interacts with acrylic paint and may affect a painting’s texture and aesthetic
  • A few simple methods for paint application that can convey many different styles and moods

What you will gain:

  • Your first experience with paint
  • Your very own original painting!