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My First Mixedmedia Class on Skillshare

Aloha, I am Chongolio (also known as Randy) I am an artist and creative soul living on Kauai. I have been creating my entire life and stoked to share all the tips, tricks and techniques I have picked up over the years.

I have just published my first mixed media class, here is the link:

The idea of monetizing my videos has been a goal of my for sometime and I am super excited to have discovered Skillshare as a simple to use platform for doing this.

I have over 40 tutorials on Youtube and have a decent amount of followers on several of the main social media platforms where I have already gotten hot promoting my Skillshare class.

2/15/16- Copy that I have used on my blog and on social media:

After years of thinking about it, I have jumped into the world of teaching online video art courses!

How to Make A Mixed Media Travel Momento is my first course and you can take it by free of charge by using this link:

The link is only good for the first 25 people who act NOW!

If you dig it the class, you can help a brother out by sharing, liking or writing a review on Skillshare

2/15/16- Sent Enrollment links to:

Facebook: both my personal and business page



2/17/16 - Started running a Facebook ad

$15 budget over the next three days to followers and friends of my Facebook page.

2/18/16 - Up to 8 students now

Created and posted a video to my followers on YouTube. I will go back and optimize keywords later.

Also, I bumped up my Facebook ad budget, which run till this Saturday, to $21.60. I have had about 8 hits from my ad so far after about 444 impressions


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