My First Job: Summer Camp

My first memory of that summer is not packing or getting emails regarding my duties as an instructor - instead it was arriving at the Philadelphia airport and getting picked up. That summer, the summer after high school, I was hired to teach debate to high school students from around the country. Once picked up, I remember being driven from the congested philly city to the suburbs of Swarthmore. I remember waiting to be signed in and brought to my room, which was a single bedroom at the end of the second floor hallway. I was situated close to many friends. On that floor alone there were girls from my high school and some I knew from around the country (we had competed against each other at innumerable tournaments but we were friends first). Even though I was a staff member it was like arriving back to a college dorm after winter break even though I had never stepped foot in a college dorm before. I remember thinking that this is what college would be like and I was partially right. There was a bathroom a few doors down that was communal and I loved running into my fellow instructors in the morning where we would discuss our lessons plans while brushing our teeth and washing our faces in front of the same wall length mirror. The first day was training and I sat with my then boyfriend listening to lessons that were equal parts boring and exciting. We were preparing to teach for two weeks - weekends included. 


Key memories: 

-Planning our lessons from with my co-lab leaders for hours longer than other instructors (and getting annoyed with how particular they are) 

-Rushing late to breakfast everyday 

-Our matching red hats some of the staff wore 

-Trivia night 

-Hanging out with older staff members and feeling like I was ages younger then them 

-Squat challenges on the front lawn during our lunch break