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Afi O.

I just want to create.



My First Heroine

Hey Guys!

I was very excited to get started with this project. I have been primarily learning about Illustrator, and this project was a chance to kind of make the switch to photoshop. It was fun to see my hand sketch come to life. This is my first characteer illustration and I am quite proud of the results.

Character sketching was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and a lot of my sketches were crappy and did not really amount to anythiing, After I kind of developed a concept and what I would like on my character, the sketch actually turned in to something.


I then scanned and imported in to Illustrator to make the masks. As you can see, my sketch did not have feet so I added that in, and I also completed the hands in Illustrator too. Then the fun part was photoshop. As it was my first time coloring in photoshop, and at that digitally, I was quite expectant. It is a lot easier to highlight and add value digitally then it is with paper and hand.

After a course of a some hours, I finished adding value and color adjustments.


I then tried to add a background and like a shadow, but I think it looks weird. Therefore, I'll stick with my backgroundless character until I learn how to manipulate shadows and/or draw awesome scenes.



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