My First Graphic Recording

My First Graphic Recording - student project

My First Graphic Recording - image 1 - student project

I had a lot of fun with this and would love to keep honing this skill. It reminded me of the study notes I used to take in high school and university - there always had to be a visual element (colour, shape, size for emphasis) and the note taking in itself aided with comprehension and information retention. I don't know how I would go doing this on paper - I think for the next part of this class I'll try using an A4 piece of paper instead of the ease of using my iPad and Procreate. I'm just trying to decide what to do the next recording on! Thanks for the great class Leah!


Here's my second attempt. I used an excerpt from a This American Life podcast about delight, called "The Show Of Delights". The piece I used is called "The Job of Delight" by Bim Adewunmi about Ross Gay's book, 'The Book Of Delights'. I was glad that I had the transcript for this one because I found it a bit too quick to do an all in real-time graphic recording.

My First Graphic Recording - image 2 - student project