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Christoph Angehrn

3d Freelance Artist



My First Game

Week One - Homework

Allright, fiddled around a bit and came up with this scene:

(Hope this works)

The looks from the clip translated fairly well, but it sure could use some more tweaking. I don't have the pro version unfortunately, so no shadows for me:-/

Week One - Starting Out

So, here we go, my first game project:) I've been fooling around with Unity for a while, but never came up with a finished project. Which is mainly due to my non-existing programming skills;) I'm really looking forward to play around with Playmaker and see how that works out for me.

So for my first project I decided to base the scenery of a short animated clip I've done about a year ago. You can find the clip here:

I'll try to make the first static scene with that look in mind and import some of those models I created for the short back in the day. 


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