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My First Class!!!

I'm excited about publishing my first class over the weekend and can't WAIT to get my first 25 students! So far, I have 8 enrollments and I shared the link with a few friends and on my personal facebook and Instagram. I don't have much of an online following, so I'm hoping to connect with the right people who will be interested in my class. 

Here's my crochet jellyfish class:

Updated 8/14/16:

I'm currently at 36 students and am hoping to reach 50 within the next few days. I've shared it on facebook and Instagram probably more than my friends care for me too. haha If anyone has tips for how to reach more students when you have a small following, I'd be grateful. :)

I'm also working on my second class. I decided my second class will be an art class because it was requested by some of my friends, and I am more than just a crocheter. There will be another crochet class soon, but I'm teaching a drawing class before I move on to another crochet class. 


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