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Alisha Homan

Graphic Designer



My First Attempt

I have always been in love with hand lettering. I've attempted many times to create my own but I get so rushed with creating that don't always do the proper steps to prepare and practice first. So I've decided to take this class extra slow and thoroughly practice each exercise. I can't wait to learn. I am hoping to get good enough to be able to hand letter my own wedding invitations!

This is my first day of practice. I am using the Nikko G nib. I seem to be struggling with keeping even pressure on the pen. I also am very uneven with ending my stroke and I constantly snag through the paper! Anyone else having this problem? Maybe I am pressing too hard.

Day 2: I started practicing the U shape today. I am having difficutly knowing when to relieve pressure off the pen before going into the curve. 

Day 3: I started back on the U shape today. I feel like I am getting better at knowing when to relieve pressure. I decided to try out the sideways S shape today too, I fould this shape to be the hardest so far. I keep wondering if I'm not holding the pen right. I've always help my pencils completely wrong, in a tight fist, so I've been trying to really focus on holding the pen corectly but working on this S shape I thought my hand was going to cramp up! Does anyone have suggestions?

I've been continuing to practice the basic shapes so I thought I'd try out the letters a today. It took awhile to get the hang of but here are a few of the better a's I made. This definitely makes me feel like I'm a kid again trying to draw normal looking letters. My hand is so shaky and I feel unsure about each stroke. Towards the end of today I did feel like I was getting a little better control of my pen. I'm not snagging the paper quite as often and I am able to control my stroke widths better. 

Trying out some a's and b's tonight. My pen is still snagging a little on the up strokes.

I have been practicing and improving so I've decided to try some calligraphy for my wedding invitations. This is very rough and needs work but this is how I want to write our names. The invitations will either be letterpressed or gold foil stamped. Any thoughts are appreciated!! 


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