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My First App


Challenge 17 was very interesting. Challenges 18 and 19 were intense... I suppose that the more we practice the better we will understand how everything works... Getting ready for the next unit!


Even though I'm way behind everyone else (I guess), I managed to complete chapter 12 to 15 and make the challenges on my own.

So, this is a snapshot of challenge 12.

Challenge 13

Challenge 14

Challenge 15 - Groceries.


Challenge 10 was very interesting and educational. I suppose that the more we use all of this, the better we'll get at it.

Now for my app. I like to play RPG games and I have found myself missing dice and wanting to play. So I decided to create a cool app that will allow the user to select different kinds of dice (mix and match) with some extra cool features. Even if it's already been done I think that I can make a nice looking and useful tool for playing any game that requires the use of dice. It's very simple but... it's my first app!


As for the inspiration I like the colors of this app. So, maybe I'll go that way...

These are the snapshots of challenges 5 to 7. I found challenges 5 and 7 somewhat difficult and even though I made them I wasn't too clear on why functions and loops work the way they do. However, the videos helped me clarify my doubts.

It was a great learning week... Even though I'm one week behind schedule.

I finished chapters 1- 4 of the Big Nerd Ranch book. This book is very easy to read and is not intimidating at all and with the help of the videos I did the challenges. 

I'm ready for week 2!


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