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My First Apartment

My name is Kevin and I just moved to Raleigh, NC from NJ. This is the first time on my own and I've noticed that I can be picky with types and layout of funiture/decor. The new place is slowly coming together piece-by-piece but it can definitely use a touch of styling to make everything flow better. I'm really into the mid-century modern look, maps, and I also have a lot of musical instruments & records to incorporate into the place. Hopefully by the end of this I'll have a way more awesome looking place!

8 Principles of Styling

1. Needs: You need to sit on the couch & use the coffee table.

2. Shape: The round shelf decoration, round lampshades, rounded vases.

3. Color: The orange couch, red pot, dark/light carpet & pillow, red/yellow/brown vases.

4. Pattern: The patterns in the rug and the pillows.

5. Texture: The rug and the plants.

6. Placement: Power of 3's in the books & vases. Balances with the coffee table sculptures too.

7. Bling: The chrome/silver lamp post & shades.

8. Botanicals: The plants on each table.


The Bedroom

I figured I'd start with my bedroom since it's the furthest along furniture wise. I went with a mid-century modern theme and hid all the cables to keep things nice and clean. There's still a lot missing though.

  • The walls are still really bare.
  • A headboard might help but still wouldn't be enough.
  • I could use way better decor on the nightstands.
  • Not sure if I should add anything to the dresser/tv area.

Any advice would be much appreciated! 



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