Maria W

Hobby photographer, Finland



My Feathered Friends

I don't quite understand what you do to add new things to this project, but I tried doing it like this:


Thank you Konsta for your interesting class and for sharing it with us! Your photos are awesome!

I don't have a wide angle lens, never saw the point, as  I thought they distort a landscape - but after seeing your class I think maybe I should get one... The first of these pictures is taken with my point and shoot Sony Cybershot and the other with my Sony A77 and a 70-300 mm lens.

How much do you crop your photos? In the first one I cropped it a bit, because of a restless background, but the second one is not cropped at all.

You cannot really see the eyes as much as you should here, beacuse the pictures are so small, but Ithink you can see one eye (!) och the great tit quite well.




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