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My Favourite Place

I love combining things, stuff, textures, and photos, elements that shouldn't go together. I love the juxtaposition of flat bright, vibrant colours against detailed photos, the combination of digital and handmade....

I love Joseph Cornell’s boxes & Jakob Kolding's interpretations of his urban environment I want to do something like that in this project, learn how to successfully combine digital and handmade illustration techniques. So to do this I intend to create a mixed media illustration that visually explores my favorite place. My favorite place though is made up of several places I've visited and I'm lucky enough to live in an area of beautiful contrasts: I live very close to wild countryside masses of open space, not a soul around and its just a 30 minute car ride into Greater Manchester which has many contemporary buildings sitting next to many old Victorian mill type buildings, I love the different areas of town from the arty Northern Quarter to China Town and Little India. I intend to pull several references from my favorite parts of town and combine those with my favorite parts of home- the countryside, as all of these things combined make up my favorite place.

I will look at landscapes, mountains, reservoirs and rivers, birds, dogs, farm animals and combine these with super modern structures I like from Manchester, the older red brick structures, the hand made signs, the hustle & bustle of the city streets, the people & places I like to visit.

I will sketch each part out first and then begin to explore composition, once I have found the right combination and layout of elements I'll scan in my favorite and move onto to gathering and making textures and marks in order to move onto the digital phase.

I would like my image to be a large scale print of a place that almost exists that people are almost familiar with that forces them to look at these familiar surroundings with fresh eyes, hopefully I will creatively combine these familiar places, objects, people and animals in a way that creates fresh interest in familiar surroundings.

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