My Favorite exercize (Up till now)

Exercise #1

Andrej Sapkowski was a peculiar child. At least so he thought. He was a boy lacking in the confidence and adventurous spirit  many other boys his age seemed to display. He grew up in a small polish town with his grandma and grandpa. His parents were not dead, that was not the reason he had not seen them for seven years. They were poor. Life was hard for most people in his town something that led many, including his parents, to immigrate and start working in another country in order to support their often all too large family. He always found the act very heroic. Going to a new place he had never been before and knew little about, a place where no one would speak his language or know his name, leaving the only place he had ever known, that was a terrifying idea for Arthur. Well, for anyone really. It is true that Arthur was a bit more cowardly than most, afraid to take risks, make mistakes, always too hesitant and uncertain. This, however was not one of his many other fears, fears that many in his little town in the middle of nowhere would find irrational for his age. As his grandmother characteristically, said Arthur was “a sensitive child”. Arthur hated that expression! It was, to him, not that different from a sugar-coated pill, meant to give the impression of sweetness at first but bitter and full of resentment nonetheless. His grandmother, a rather traditional woman with strict values and plenty of pride always felt ashamed of him, ashamed of his fears, his insecurities, his “sensitivity”. She never considered why Arthur was that way of course. Never considered that she and his parents had a hand in shaping who he was today.

                Arthur spent the first five years of his life with his mother and father. He remembered little from that period but he always recalled it as a far better time when reminiscing. It was a time defined by the warm and safety of his mother’s embrace and the kind encouragement of his father. He did not know how it truly was in that period, he was only a child then. He could not have known but that was of no importance to him. He just knew that it couldn’t have been worse than what came after. His parents left him behind. They left him to the cold, callus hands of a stern and extremely bitter old woman who would set out to make his life hell.

Arthur considered leaving for a foreign country where you know no one and no one knows you for the sake of your family an act of great bravery but, as much as he admired his parents for it, he still could not help but harbor resentment towards them for being so brave. For being brave enough to leave him, their beloved first –born son, behind… alone. He could not help but wonder what they thought, what they felt when they left him behind, on the porch of their old house in that way too sunny day of august, in the arms of his grandmother. Did they feel sad? Afraid? Did they doubt themselves, their decisions? He could not know. After all, he was only a child, a child that only registered their all too wide smiles and their faces betraying nothing but bravery. He hated that bravery. He condemned it! He wished he would never see it in his face, a face all too similar to their own.




The fact about me is that, like many other people, have, one or two times, felt abandoned. I wanted to write about a character that without realizing it felt that way and the ccharacter of Andrej came to mind (Andrej Sapkowski is an awesome author and he has the only polish name I know). This is my favorite exersize because, of the five that I have completed up to this point, i feel that this has gone better than the rest. I have enjoyed the other exercises too though and I look forward to doing the rest!




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