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Cristina Ramirez

Cool Cool Way



My Favorite Things to Watch on TV!


For my project, I decided to draw just a couple of my favorite things VHS, DVDs, and Blu Rays from childhood to now. I don't have the before pictures but I started by drawing them all in my sketchbook in pencil. Then I got over them in dark, black marker and then I scan them and add color in Photoshop. I've usually do all of my drawings this way, but I actually learned a lot more about Photoshop from this class! 

I had a lot of fun with the project because I was able to test my drawing skills as well as reflect on memories from the life and also draw things that I love! I have specific memories from all of these items: The Harriet The Spy VHS is one that I borrowed from the library a million times and thought it was cool that Nickelodeon tapes were orange. Pulp Fiction was a VHS that my brother bought when I was like 7 or 8 and I was way too young to be watching it. The Elf dvd my mom got for free from buying a certain amount of groceries and I played the crap out of that one as well. 

I think I ended up being most pleased with the Chaplin tape because I didn't intend to make my own grayscale artwork and it sort of just happened and I think it looks rad! 

Anyway, Kate Bingaman-Burt is one of my heroes and I'm so happy that I took this class and actually went through with the assignment! 


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