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My Favorite Shoes and Friendship Bracelets I Made to Match Them

Deliverable 1: 

1. The clothing item I love that I'd love to make a matching friendship bracelet (or multiple bracelets) for is my pair of pink Guatemalan shoes I got for my birthday earlier this year. Here's a photo of them next to my Guatemalan purse, which pretty much contains all the same colors and more, so whatever bracelets I make to match the shoes will also automatically end up matching this purse as well:


2. I've decided I want to do a 3-color bracelet with the colors pink, light green, and orange.

3. I plan to make the bracelet in 3-color pattern #1.

Deliverable 2: 

Here's a picture of my finished bracelet on my wrist next to my shoes. I think they go well together!



I've continued making more bracelets to go with my shoes in different colors, since there are so many colors in the shoes to choose from, and because I wanted to make friendship bracelets in all the different stripe patterns for demo purposes for this class. Here are some more photos. This one's a photo showing close-ups of all the different stripe pattern variations:


Here's another photo of some of these bracelets:


And here are some photos of the bracelets on my wrists. Friendship bracelets look really cool when worn together in a "stack."




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