My Favorite Mug

I decided to photograph my favorite mug.  I love the colors and textures of this mug.  It's a homemade one that I just adore.  Here's a close-up of the little spiral at the bottom of the handle:


For the shallow depth of field I put my favorite mug on a tray with a book, napkin and stone fireplace in the background.


For the in context of other objects, I couldn't decide between a bird's eye view of my mug on the tray on a window seat or


the same scene looking out the window at some geese:


And finally, with a human element: pouring tea into my mug:


This was a fun project that made me look at my favorite mug in different ways.  I think my favorite photo is the bird's eye one, however, it was a bit precarious trying to stand on a ledge to get the photo! 


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