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Lindsay Lorente

Fashion Designer for Bailey44 and Illustrator



My Favorite Fashion Books


I love this class as it give me inspiration for blog post ideas - thank you!

I am a Fashion Designer for Bailey44, as welll as Illustrator and Blogger of Fashion Freehand. I'd like to share a few favorite books that I have held onto throughout my many moves - some for sentimental value and others because I reference them so often. 

The Grace Memoir is a must have for a Fashion Designer - I had seen the documentary The September Issue before I got the book. In the documentary, you get to see how Vogue works (not just Anna Wintour's editing but also Grace Coddington's creative genius). Yeah, I pre-ordered the book.

The Sartorialist is a book that a close friend gave to me when I moved west to LA - she reminded me to never forget my NYC roots. She also knows how much I'm inspired by street/city fashion. 

Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers is a book I go to for inspiration or just as a mood pick me-up. I love that the illustrations are not just by artists but by designers in the industry. Also, I interned for Doo Ri years ago and was always impressed by her authentic vision and illustrations which are in this book.

9Heads - This was the first book I bought when I started at Parsons School for Fashion Design. It explains how to use the 9Heads proportion to draw clothes on a model. Nacy Reigleman is an amazing artist and has catalogued so much of her work in this book. She also explains, in great detail, how to sketch fashions with her process. It is a Fashion Drawing Encyclopedia for life. 

Below is an outline of my process:


1) Starting off with my Analog sketch (above)


2) Taken during the inking in of my sketches - I decided to do the composition as I sketched, because I wanted to have an idea of how things were going to align. 


3) This is after I colored everything in before I cleaned it up in Photoshop


4) The finished product, descriptions and all!


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