My Fashion Sketch

My Fashion Sketch - student project


The first step to starting my sketch is to assemble my tools and materials.

My Fashion Sketch - image 1 - student project


Then I looked through my sources until I found an inspiring image. 

My Fashion Sketch - image 2 - student project


Next, I did a basic fashion anatomy sketch, making sure all the parts were in proportion and the body was well balanced. 

My Fashion Sketch - image 3 - student project


I added details to my anatomy sketch, keeping my eye on the image to keep it as accurate as possible.  

My Fashion Sketch - image 4 - student project


Finally, I inked in the sketch using a pen with waterproof ink and edited the sketch to improve it along the way.

My Fashion Sketch - image 5 - student project


All done!!!

Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker