My Fantastical 3+ Quick Pitches

1) In a frozen island where heat capsules are traded as currency, survivor Hank is slowly freezing his health away by trying to buy real estate. One day, he is robbed at point blank and left to freeze outside without any heat. He meets Juli, a girl who never had much heat. She takes him into the shanty-town, where the community learns to live without much heat by huddling up in the same building. After marrying Juli, Hank eventually learns that you don't need heat to live a good life.


2) 1937, Max Franco is the head of a fledgling tobacco startup in his miserable life in Ohio. He has selfishly stolen $127,000 in investor funds for a few fun days off in Germany. On his return flight, Jack Dippleman, a head-strong Nazi protester physically stops Max from boarding the Hindenburg. Max has Jack thrown in jail for interfering with "state business." A few days later, the Hindenburg violently explodes in America. Not feeling quite right about things, Max aids in Jack's escape from local jail, and realizes that fulfillment comes from helping others instead of helping yourself.


3) Electron #137 is a hard worker. Specifically, a hard worker inside of an Intel processor. He clocks in, exhausting himself by running through gates all day, clocking out, and heading to the Sandy Bridge Bar. Rinse, repeat. Until, one day, Electron #3003 turns his world upside down by accidentally getting him banned from the motherboard. #3003 takes him through a wall outlet on a thrilling adventure to show him there is a whole world out there, outside of his comfort zone.


4) 1966, Phil, one of several ship navigators is fired due to the recent ease of GPS satellite navigation. Months later, a rival shipping competitor jams all East-Indies navigation systems, starting an arms race of satellite jamming and consequently causing a dock collision, killing 12 mariners. The beloved navigators are brought back, and an entire industry learns that you can't fire the human spirit.


5) George Postman, a UPS driver, is shot and killed by his faithful wife, Amy, whom he cheated on. He wakes up in a very off-putting world where dogs walk humans, a local brewery will pay you to juice your own heart, and used balloon salesmen litter street corners. He is given a choice by the Life Arbitrator, to deliver into the mind's of Amy's trial jury, a guilty or not guilty sentence. Along his delivery, he meets several saps who have delivered guilty sentences and have remained in the off-putting purgatory. George decides last minute to change his sentence to not guilty, thereby forgiving his wife for murdering him, and also, acknowledging the anguish he caused his wife. The Life Arbitrator grants him afterlife in a less off-putting world.


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