My Expression of Farm Life

My Expression of Farm Life - student project

My zine is going to be my expression of farm life. In my zine i am going to illustrate different farm animals using watercolor. On every page thier is going to be different farm animal. They going be of adult and baby animals. Throught out thier is going to be a farmer doing a variety of task on the farm. He is going be only thing that stays the same throughout zine. I was probably going to put barn on my front of my zine and the person was going be on the back of it with my name. The reason I choose to do the farm experience is because right now I am working on the dairy farm. I just wanted to show the quirkness of farm through my illustrations. Here are is size of my size and page count of my zine. I also included some sketches.

My Expression of Farm Life - image 1 - student project