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Debbie Hart

Artist and Designer



My Experience with the Breath Meditation

I did this meditation while just sitting in my desk chair, which has a supportive back, in front of my computer since that is where I am a lot of time, and during the times when I could most benefit from a quick meditation!

When we were asked to choose whatever intention first came to our mind for the meditation at the beginning, I immediately thought "I want to rest." As I began scanning my body for sore areas and focusing on my breath, I found that different areas that I couldn't tell were sore before I started began to feel sore, then as I focused on breathing relaxation into them, one area would stop feeling sore and a new one would start to feel sore as if it were saying, "okay, now it's my turn to get relaxed and cleared out!"

Towards the end of the meditation, I started seeing slowly shifting purple cloud-like shapes behind my closed eyes. At the end when I opened my eyes, I felt relaxed and like my energy had shifted to a calmer place. I felt that I had fulfilled the intention of getting a bit of rest. It was a very pleasant experience, and I look forward to doing it again! Many thanks! :-)


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