My Exercises - E.K

My Exercises - E.K - student project

Exercise 1: A lot of the 1950s/1960s children's book illustrators have captured my imagination ever since I can remember. One of my first children's books as a baby was in German and illustrated by Richard Erdoes. In recent years I found other, modern artists that I admire as well, and while I was doing this exercise, I realised that the elements I love about my favourite artists (both modern and vintage) are the same, despite the styles looking quite different at times. My Exercises - E.K - image 1 - student project

Exercise 2: Project Plan for Sound of Music. This was difficult, particularly for the letter X and Z. I took a bit of creative liberty with my word for X, because technically it begins with E, though the sound of the word sounds like it starts with X. 

My Exercises - E.K - image 2 - student project