My Etsy shop - Ink & Bone Alchemy

My Etsy shop - Ink & Bone Alchemy - student project

I opened my Etsy shop last summer after toying with the idea for years. I am an artist who  exhibits my painting and prints as part of group shows at galleries. I had  a solo photography show in 2012 and have an upcoming solo show this summer - not sure what I'll do for that yet. So my mindset has always been selling my work in a gallery setting. But that is only one, occasionally two, pieces at a time and only a few times a year. I've created shop pages on my website before but they never got any traction. To make matters worse, I am terrible at self-promotion and marketing. I post my work on Instagram and FB but never seem to stress the "it is for sale" side. 

Last year I started doing screen prints and by the very nature of the process, you can't make just one! So I decided to finally jump in the Etsy pool to try to sell some of the prints I was creating. I chose the name Ink & Bone Alchemy because I work with a lot of inks (drawing, printmaking, even inkjet!), bones are a favorite subject matter, and artists are alchemists. My shop is still new and I struggle with what I should be doing. I've added drawings and the hand-printed zippered bags I make. The bags are really the only things selling so far, but I don't want to just make bags.

My big problem is getting new listings up. I previously took a Skillshare class on setting up an Etsy shop that was quite helpful. However, the stressed point of photographing your products for that "Etsy look" is not easy. Having to put the item in various frames and taking different photos of it is time consuming and actually has been keeping me from posting new items. I get a "it's wrong to post just a single image of print" voice in my head, but I don't have time to do those big set ups for each item I want to list. 

The whole 'what is your brand" and "who is your target audience" questions just make my brain fuzzy. I am an artist creating art. I work in multiple mediums and go through "phases". It is chaotic and doesn't not want to fit nicely in a labeled box. It's not trendy or "pretty".  So I am struggling to find a my stride with the Etsy shop which is why I signed up for this workshop.  : )

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!