My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop - student project

Thanks for the class!
Thanks to you I was able to prepare all materials and texts before creating a shop.

I've created a shop specialising in digital printable versions of my urban sketches for home or rental wall decor. 
My steps:
- chose 9 artworks I want to sell,
- prepared all the descriptions,
- looked into other similar accounts, titles and tags,
- prepared all the digital files and thumbnails.

One thing I noticed thanks to research was that thumbnails of art with dark background stand out more, because usually listings have bright background or white paper. I think that's a tiny detail that may actually help me be more noticeable.

I immediately set up sale and also a coupon for close friends. 

After preparation, launching the shop was maybe an hour of work! I like how smooth everything went.

My shop is here:

My Etsy Shop - image 1 - student project