My Envelope Manifesto

My Envelope Manifesto - student project

This process was an awesome way to dive deeper into what matters without getting all heady.

Lately I've been doing some personal values work to see how I'm operating in my life and to see, in a frank way, what actually matters to me based on my actions. This exercise helped me further focus those points in an everyday language way.

 What Matters:

- The people around me who give a f*ck.

- Thriving

     - Money

     - Autonomy

     - A certain kind of  comfort

- Eyes on me

     - People who know that I know my sh*t

     - Online and offline followers

- That thing that drives me every day


The big moment (so far):

The point at which I sealed the envelope knowing I was going to send it off at USPS. The process of letting it all go and the idea that it may very well return to you in the same or different form, and whatever happens to it you'll be okay.


The fun/funniest moment:

Drawing a mustache on George Washingtons face on the $1 bill. This part had a 2 fold effect. 

     1. It helped me see how serious I was taking the idea of U.S. currency and the need to work on my relationship with it. (take it less seriously, but with the understanding that's how we operate and pay rent, etc)

     2. Have fun and allow myself to express my inner silly/funniness.


I'm sure there's more to come from this exercise, it was awesome!