My Enemy

My Enemy - student project

Why don't you love me
What did I do?
I'm just like you
I thought you knew.

When will you love me?
What should I do?
Not be like you?
I thought I knew.

No, you won't love me,
Until I do
Cause I am you,
I thought we knew.

Because I thought 30 minutes were not enough, I tried to write this one quickly, being half aware of what I'm actually writing. But then I analyzed it and everything kinda made sense, even the sentences which I thought had no meaning behind them, and their whole purpose was just to rhyme with others. But maybe they really don't have a meaning and I just gave them one now, who knows.
It's a poem about self love and self hate. Not a while ago I had this sudden realization that I do not love myself. I mean, I knew it before as well, but now I realized that it's the very reason why I constantly sabotage myself and my work. 
Writing this really was therapeutic. Even though at first I was angry with myself cause it wasn't going anywhere for the first 15 mins, but i persevered and decided to share it. Thank you for this course. Im gonna watch your habit improvement course now, really trying to change my life over here. You are really good at explaining stuff like this!