My Editorial Calendar + Content Strategy

My Editorial Calendar + Content Strategy - student project



I'm Elvann, I'm a harpist & a singer.  I write music, stream on Twitch and make mostly music-related videos on YouTube.  My mission as a content creator is to inspire musicians to start writing their own music and offer them the tools they need to grow their passion into a business.

Since I didn't change a whole lot of things to my content calendar after watching the "Create Your Social Media Content Strategy in Under 90 Minutes" course and hence already did a lot of the relfexion and work, I decided to not follow the brief and elaborate a little on my current thought process regarding my newly revised content strategy under the light of this course.



The core of the content I create is YouTube videos.  Following this course, I have come to understand that I must really create my content through the lense of songwriting, which theorically doesn't change my content itself, but the lense through which I will be presenting it.

To give a clear example of that switch, I have created videos in the past but the link that I would make between that content and my goal wasn't all that clear.  Here's an example of how I'm going to shift the way I will create content:

My Editorial Calendar + Content Strategy - image 1 - student project

So this is a slight change in perpective that will allow me to create content with a lot more purpose, and that's going to serve my audience and their needs much better.




(^ the video will only be available starting from Saturday 18th 2018 @ 13 EST)

To be honnest, I have posted this piece of content before I even finished watching the course, but I would like to use this as an example on how I could do better in the future in regards to making content that has more purpose.  (PS: For the holding myself accountable part, I already do post videos like this one every Saturday so I'm already rocking it ;) )

The first thing here is I really don't have much of a call to action (or actually I removed it from the editing) and that's actually the only way that I have to drive revenue appart from video monetization.  In the future, I think I could make this better by always thanking my Patrons at the end of my videos, and quickly encourage people to follow me there.  When I release new merch, I should also always give a quick word about it at the end.



Here are a few examples of the kind of posts that I want to create on Twitter, that I've been posting recently.  I really want to give spotlight to other people and share things that can be interesting and relevant for the people that follow me, and really work on building relationships with people.


My Editorial Calendar + Content Strategy - image 2 - student project


My Editorial Calendar + Content Strategy - image 3 - student project


My Editorial Calendar + Content Strategy - image 4 - student project

I have written myself a few guidelines to follow on every social media platform to really help me out get the feel of what I'd like my content to feel like.



I want to talk about a few points that leave me confused in the way that I should build things.  A lot of the content from the course is really targetted at businesses that have a really clear idea of what they are trying to sell, while as an influencer, I'm not trying to necessarily sell a product.

What I would like to do is encourage people to support me through Patreon, or support me by buying my albums or my merch.  I can of course create some content around products like merch or music sales, but what about Patreon?  Can my content strategy be focused on actually reminding people they can support me on Patreon at the end of my videos?

In other ways, how should I understand the information in this course through the lense of someone who is not trying to drive sales in a direct way?

My goals are more aligned to getting myself known, growing an engaged community, earn the trust of my viewers and eventually have a solid enough foundation to find sponsorships.  But we are really not talking of a client/seller relationship in this situation.


I would really apreciate feedback on these last thoughts :)  Thanks a lot for the course!

Elvann Abendroth
Songwriter & Content Creator