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My Dream Studio

This is my very first time using Adobe Fresco and surprisingly, I love it. I need some adjustments because I only draw with Procreate before. Lisk Feng’s class helps a lot. She explained thoroughly and the best part is when she explained her technique. I wanna say many, many thanks for Skillshare and Adobe for inviting Lisk Feng because she is one of my favorite illustrator. To have her class on my favorite platform to learn is simply the best.


I always dream to have a book bus because I love books, I love to travel, and what’s more exciting than to draw on a moving book bus? What a dream!

This is my initial sketch. Done with the same brush (Rough Pencil).


Since I’ve never done this technique before, I had to think about the color and composition. More importantly the contrast. So I made this blob of colors just to help me along the way.



And this is what it looks like when the layers are separated


And here’s the final piece:


I think there are some parts that I can improve and polish a little bit. But I think this is a good beginning and I will explore and play around with  Adobe Fresco more.


Thank you!

Nasaya Mafaridik.


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