My Dream House

My Dream House - student project

This was again a great class. Very instructional. I wouldn’t put my dream house in a sunny place on a beach. I actually love winter. I live in the Netherlands where it’s all flat. I love the mountains, pine tree forests and snowboarding, so I drew a house in that setting. Including a beautiful lake ofcourse so I can also go ice skating. I love the Scandinavian style colorful wooden houses, but I also love the typical stone houses here in my own country, and especially the older ones with nice patterns and arches. I have drawn a lot of those in house portraits with pencil on paper lately (you can find pictures on my Insta). So in my dreamhouse I made a weird combination of wooden parts and stone walls. And ofcourse, instead of surf board there would be a snowboard. And a sled! 

My sketch:

My Dream House - image 1 - student project

The final drawing:

My Dream House - image 2 - student project

I have tried some color variations but wasn’t really happy with them yet to share. 

Fredau Buwalda
Owner of FB Kreaasjes