My Dopamine Detox Experience

My Dopamine Detox Experience - student project

I stayed away from all the dopamine vices I tend to waste time with, YouTube, Social Media, Porn, and watching TV on Netflix. I had the opportunity to catch up on some of my reading, I could draw a completed artwork and fill 5 pages of my sketchbook. Lastly, I finished my Grad school applications all in one day. Despite being so productive yesterday, I don't feel tired, instead, I feel motivated and well-focused to be productive again today. Nearing the end of the day I did break some of the rules. I scrolled on Twitter for about one hour after eating some fast food with my brother, sometimes during the day, I would open twitter in this automatic manner when I picked up my phone. Taking this 24-hour Detox has allowed me to become aware of that behaviour, I now need to be more mindful when I pick up my phone. I think I will make this a weekly thing, where I do the Dopamine Detox for one day a week.