Kerri Klein




My Doodle


Here's my first finished doodle. I started with a micron 05 which was too small for filling in areas nicely-I ended up finishing with a Preppy 05 M fountain pen which I really love working with(my husband uses these and I got one for myself not long ago they are great and inexpensive for a fountain pen), even if it does bleed a little it was surprisingly fast drying and had few issues. I am a former undergrad art major who focused on photography and mixed media(no photo major at my small college) and I suffered through my drawing and painting classes to get my degree, but I am trying to develop a true love for drawing again, which I did start to cultivate before life distracted me. This was fun and therapeutic-the class really made me want to draw in spite of myself. Thanks for creating it.

This is the first page of a little blank sketch book I found for two bucks, so I am excited to fill it with doodles and even try some color after I get more comfortable with my style. I tend to love organic shapes and curves, roots, curlicues, and imperfect shapes. I think drawing mandalas might also be a good option for me, or doing something incorporating these styles. 



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