My Do-Over

2012 was a banner year - but not really in a good way. Why?

  1. Laid off from job in April (three months short of five years)
  2. Turned 50 in May
  3. Father died in July

While speaking with my brother in late April he told me that I was granted a do-over. I realized, quite a while later, that he is right. I had already decided that God was kicking me in the hind end to get me out of my comfort zone.

I decided to get my massage therapy license reinstated. Sadly, I had let it lapse due to money for continuing education and I had a good job already, right? It took a few months and a lot of back flips through flaming hoops but I was, finally, successful.

Now I want my clients to become healthy, take care of their bodies and have less pain. Why will they listen to my advice if I am not taking care of my body, eating clean and healthy food and exercising regularly? I decided I'm turning that around and regaining control of my temple.

The learning part of my cycle has been gathering information, for some years I realize, about eating a clean, healthy diet. I'm not sure if I will go completely vegetarian or vegan but I do know that I want to get away from preservatives and all of those ingredients I cannot pronounce.

My main goal is to lose at least 31 pounds by July 20, 2013. This is retroactive to January 2nd when I first weighed and measured for the year. Currently I have 26 pounds to go. I want to reach my goal weight and reassess whether I want or need to slim down more or just tone specific areas.

Other goals:

  1. Fresh Start cleanse (raw fruits and raw vegetables for seven days) two times yearly; Spring and Fall. The first for 2013 has been accomplished from January 13th through January 19th. Continuing through January 26th. Loss of 2.8 pounds, 0.9% body fat and 0.8 BMI as well as 6-1/2" throughout the body including 3/4" each from hips, waist and both thighs (for week one).
  2. Learn about and incorporate a clean diet. Have begun understanding the basics but need to find recipes and safe ways to incorporate variety to avoid boredom. Received "Raw Food, Real World" and "The Engine 2 Diet" on January 25th to help with recipe ideas. Joined the Whole Foods "Engine 2 Diet 28-Day Challenge." Monday, January 28 is the orientation.
  3. Complete the C25K program; three workouts weekly to be finished around March 31, 2013. First workout was completed January 19th; second workout completed January 23rd; and third workout completed January 25th. They went better than I thought and my legs don't hurt nearly as much as anticipated. Registered on January 24th for a 5K in Atlanta on March 23rd; Women's Health and Fitness.
  4. Do some weight training twice per week. Beginning with a few DVDs with hand weights at home. Transition to weight machines at the gym; two free personal training sessions will help when I'm ready for that phase. Had the first meeting with a personal trainer on January 24th. He worked me hard but I made it through!
  5. Participate in yoga once each week. This will help with flexibility, balance, focus and personal peace. Have a variety of DVDs to do in the home. Picked up one of the free class magazines for the local library on 1/23 to see if yoga is still offered on Sundays.
  6. Clean pantry and fridge of all naughty (unclean) foods. This has been accomplished for the refrigerator and freezer. The pantry is in progress. Most items have been tossed today. Tomorrow is garbage day - perfect timing!
  7. Decrease body fat into the fitness range. According to my internet search, the fitness range for 50+ women is 21-24%. Maximum body fat for the same age range is 30%. No desire to stay close to the maximum and prefer to consider myself in the "fit" category!

My mother and I, along with one of our friends, went on a cruise in December. Each of us lost weight during that week. We made wise choices and stopped when we were full. Our next cruise is in October 2013.

My reward for achieving my goal is to buy a new dress for the elegant nights on board. If I don't already have shoes that look spectacular with it I will get a pair as well. The icing on my reward cake is that I'll have some professional photos taken while I'm dressed to the nines!


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