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My Dearest Emily- 1st Draft

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For my screenplay, I have selected the poem of “William and Emily” from the Spoon River Anthology. This particular poem stood out to me because of its two central themes, love and loss. I will be particularly focusing on William as he expresses his love for his soul mate, Emily. Regardless of loss, the love they have for one another will always be ever-present.


William and Emily

THERE is something about

Death Like love itself!

If with some one with whom you have known passion

And the glow of youthful love,

You also, after years of life

Together, feel the sinking of the fire

And thus fade away together,

Gradually, faintly, delicately,

As it were in each other's arms,

Passing from the familiar room--

That is a power of unison between souls

Like love itself!


Drafting Your Screenplay


Notes & Updates:

My story will be taking place in modern day 2014 with a brief flashback to 1974. In the present day, William is an older man who has recently suffered the loss of his beloved wife, Emily. They first met and married in their early 20s in a small town in Wisconsin. The couple later moved and lived their entire lives in Southern Illinois. Each year on their wedding anniversary they would travel up north to the small town and have a picnic at the lake. For 39 years, William surprised Emily with sunflowers on their anniversary picnic. On their 40th year of marriage, Emily becomes very sick and is hospitalized right before their scheduled trip up to Wisconsin. As a promise of his love to Emily, William decides to write a letter to her as his final goodbye. Soon after Emily’s passing, she is cremated and her ashes are put into a porcelain urn. Although William is saddened by the loss of his wife, he is determined to make the trip up to Wisconsin for his 40th wedding anniversary. 

Here is a photograph of what I envision the lake scene to be:

6.15. 2014

Notes and Updates:

Link to my first draft:

A few background notes about my first draft:

I have decided to create a fictional town, "River East" in order to empahsize it's lack of popularity in comparison to the big city of Milwaukee. I will continue to edit my titile page and screenplay throughout the next few days. 


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