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My Day

My day begins when my phone alarm wakes me up at 6:30am.  I shower, get ready for my day and after I am ready I have to get my daughter ready for school.  While she brushes her teeth, I prepare myself some coffee and a delicious breakfast sandwish :]. My husband, kids and I walk to the car.  First, we take Eztli [our daughter] to school. Then, my husband and son take me to work and I start to drink my coffee and eating my sandwish :D.  After saying good-by to them :[ I walk to the party supply store where I am currently working. I greet everyone and I start my customer service duties like helping our customers find what they need for their celebrations. I take my lunch break and check my phone calls and text messages. I go back to my working duties, this time as a cashier.  Then it is time to go home. I greet my family [husband, daughter, and son].  We go to Eztli's capoeira class :-) .  After the class, we eat a delicious dinner together.  When we finish eating, we usually see TV for like an hour or less time.  We prepare ourselves for the next day.  I read bed-time stories with my kids. Then, I stay with them in bed and breastfeed my son [the baby] until they fall asleep. When they sleep, I check my emails and facebook messages.  After returning phone calls and replying to emails, I go to sleep.  :]


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