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My Day.


I would upload a photo of my list but my handwriting is illegible to anyone but me. So I've narraowed it down to these 20 actions that are taken from yesterday's day:

1. Wake up

2. Check phone - emails. instagram, facebook

3. Sleepy shower

4. Breakfast

5. Get ready/dressed

6. Feed/cuddle the dog

7. Read on public transport to work

8. Edit photos at work (I'm a photo editor)

9. Lunch in park

10. Continue editing photos

11. See Charlie Sparkles (work dog)

12. Travel home

13. Sit and relax

14. Do some sketching and drawing

15. Go for a walk along the river (and see dolphins!)

16. Shower

17. Dinner

18. TV

19. Say goodnight to the boyfriend

20. Sleep


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