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My Day in 20 Icons

Part one of my icon project-- my list of 20 referents:

Some of these I already have ideas of how to illustrate, others I'm not so sure. I had broken out "work" into 3 categories based on the things I do, but that techincally makes this a list of 23 things. I took out some items like "walking" and "transferring trains" because I didn't feel like they are major points of my day.

Feedback welcome, hope to have some sketches up here soon.

Full list in case it is hard to read:

  1. wake up
  2. shut off alarm (these could both be one step?)
  3. check phone
  4. brush teeth
  5. get dressed
  6. leave apartment
  7. take the subway
  8. walk to work
  9. buy a coffee
  10. go to the office
  11. turn on computer
  12. check email
  13. status meeting
  14. work - design/code/animate
  15. lunch 
  16. more work?
  17. subway home
  18. eat dinner
  19. read
  20. sleep

So, jumped ahead of myself and started some rough sketches of my icons. I think it will be interesting to compare what I started creating with what I create after actually watching the next video and completing the next unit.

(Apologies for the poor quality image. No access to a scanner here.)


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