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Nicole Miles




My Day In 16 Icons

My average day is pretty monotonous so I decided to cut down the icon count by four.

I'm a little unhappy that I didn't end up doing ANY narrative icons (in fact I had planned out loads of them, but they either didn't work for one reason or another). Next time I'll concentrate on fitting some of those in so hopefully things won't be too boring as a whole..

I'm new to Illustrator, though, so I primarily used this as a chance to get to know the program better and I actually learned a lot! I also learned a lot about how different people perceive the same visual symbol and how tiny changes can make something readable or confusing (for instance, adding meatballs and swapping out the bowl for a plate transformed my dinner from 'noodles' to 'spaghetti'! Or having my stylus pen in motion on my graphics tablet turned it from "maybe a cell phone thing?" into my graphics tablet.)

I guess the biggest thing about icons is "readability" when simplifying things to their core and this was a good mental exercise in doing that too.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the outcome overall (though I might redo the last one) and I think I'll do more practice with icons (and Illustrator) in future.


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