My Daily Treasure Hunt


Photo of my daily commute:

I live in Brooklyn, and instead of waiting for the dreaded G train, I walk across the Pulaski bridge to Queens to take the express Manhattan train, where I get to see this view everyday. It's amazing how much it changes from day to day. Some days I pause to take a shot. Depending on the weather and lighting, it looks completely different everytime. I don't think I will ever get tired of this view. 

A photo of what fuels me: 

Slightly obvious, but a cup of coffee and chat with a friend whilst exploring one of New York's many coffee shops. I always try to discover somewhere new, and try a different cafe each time. This quick pick-me-up gets me through a long day! 

A photo of what home means to me: 

Home to me is Ireland. I stumbled across a little piece of Ireland in the Financial District. They brought flora like wild hawthorn over from the West coast and re-created a little sliver of Ireland in the middle of Manhattan. It was a very surreal experience standing in the middle of an "Irish field", and then looking up to see the towering skyscrapers. 

A photo of my day job: 

I work in a big open space office with a kitchen stocked with delicious treats from peaches to cookies. 


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