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My Daily Sketchbook

As a fashion student in my senior year, I'm always being told that I have to keep improving my drawing skills even thought I am swamped with work at this point. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a daily sketchbook practice going.

Day 1: The painting tool I used for this one was a small plastic spoon. After I had done as much as I thought I needed to do with the spoon, I felt like something was missing so I took a small paintbrush and used the remaining gouache to give it a more complete look.

Here's the finished page(s)!


This was a fun exercise. It was interesting to try out working with a spoon instead of my usual paint brushes, but I guess that helps in the whole "thinking outside of the box" aspect that makes art so much fun!

Day 2:

It took a few days to get my schedule worked out for the current school quarter, so there is a bit of a gap. It should be more regular now.

I made my magic bowl of themes and I was pretty amazed at how many I was able to think up; and the list is still growing!

The theme I pulled out was musical instruments so I just let myself go wild with watercolors, artist's pens, gel pens, and a hint of metallic gold gouache.


The gel pens I used were metallic as well and you can see it a bit better in the image below.


Once again, I had a lot of fun with this. I stuck with more conventional painting tools this time, but I was really able to let my imagination run free with this prompt. It's a bit messy but I think it gives it a more informal, organic feel. It's really nice to not have to worry about technique for once and to just be free to create. 

Day 3:

Today's theme was "first song on shuffle" and I rolled 6 minutes. Since the song (bert Jansch's "Veronica") is pretty short I just put it on repeat for the 6 minute drawing time.

The result was a quick pencil sketch that I plan to go back and fill in at some point, maybe tomorrow.


Adding the time constraint was something I hadn't done since my foundations classes, so this was an interesting approach to revisit. I liked how I couldn't really overthink anything due to the time limit, I just captured what came into my head as I listened to the song. 

Embrace Your art Challenge/ #febsketch 30 Day challenge

I'm excited to start this! My constraint that I've chosen is a time one. I have challenged myself to only spend ten minutes on each sketch, since I feel like I take too long to actually finish anything; so, here it goes!

Day 1: Root


For this one, the first thing that came to mind was the root chakra. I decided to combine this symbol with my own personal meaning of the word root. I have painted it as a seed, incubating and glowing with potential that will sprout and be released into the world when it is ready.

Day 2: Place

This one was a bit tricky since I have so many places I could use; so I decided to use them all!


The end result was this lovely and very messy mandala representing a coffee shop, my two favorite parks, my bed, and my own mind.

Day 3: Music

Ah, this one was fun. When I read the prompt, I immediately though back to when I had first discovered classic rock in high school. I had designed a whole bunch of outfits inspired by the 1960s and the rock music from that time period. So, I decided to revisit those and did an updated version of an outfit inspired by Jimi Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic."


I surprised myself with how well this turned out, especially in just ten minutes! Normally it takes me almost an hour to complete one illustration, but now I see that a faster and looser style can look just as nice.

Day 4: Light

This one was a bit tricky. It took me the better part of the day to come up with something to sketch. I wanted to depict one of my favorite times of day for photography, a time right before sunset where everything is bathed in a golden light. I took my reference photo at a gorgeous park near where I live.


Sadly, the sketch didn't go as planned. I think i should probably try different media that dries quicker than watercolors so I don't end up with another muddy mess. :/


Day 5: Shadow

Today, I decided to break out my lovely brush pen. It definately made the sketch move quickly! I decided to do a sketch inspired by my intrest in kitsune and their ability to trnsform. I worked with the ideas that shadows show the suggestion of a form and that they can reveal as well as conceal, so I decided to do a simple fox line sketch with a human shaped shadow.



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