My Daily Routine for an awesome 2017!


Hi all!

I decided to put some of the learnings and methods of this class into practise just this week!

This is what I came up with and have been sticking to it religiously!

My day starts and ends like this and I feel great so far!

6am - Awake and immediately have a glass of water and read affirmations for an awesome day.

6.30am - Pray and say thanks mostly for all I have both material and spiritual.

7am - Breakfast - Muesli or protein - eggs and spinach.

7.30am - 5km walk - Best part of my day!

8.30am - Shower and get prepared for work at 9.

9am - 5pm - Use the Pomodoro method every second day and a few other methods i've been testing for max productivity. I have the occasional break at 12pm and 5pm to post on social media!

The remainder of my evening is for leisure and brainstorming as well as sitting on my laptop sorting social media for the next day while unwinding with my lovd ones - either on the phone or on the couch!

Very happy with the results thus far and will keep everyone posted as to the additional results soon!

Mandy Vosloo
Online Lifestyle, Psychology and Digital Marketer