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My Dad

This is a picture of my Dad in his 20s. He didn't have me until he was in his early 40s. I was the last of his 8 kids. He died about two weeks before my 21st birthday. It was several years later before I really fathomed what I had lost and began to grieve; I still grieve. Not that often, mind you... but enough to keep the love I had for him alive, and for him to be well aware I still miss him when he sees my tears fall.

The saddest part for me is he died from cancer but the nurse actually didn't even believe my mom that he didn't have a pacemaker. She said his heart was like that of a 20 year old. They were so sure that he had a pacemaker that they validated with some type of test because they apparently didn't believe my mom, lol. He was a very strong man until the day he succumbed to his cancer.

He was so wise. Very intelligent and street-smart, and I was so young and stupid that I didn't listen to all the wisdom he had to offer. That is my biggest regret. If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be my father, and I would definitely "shut up and listen." He may die a second time if I did though, this time from a heart attack, because I certainly didn't listen when he was alive.

I miss him so much. Sorry this is so long but thinking of my dad got me sentimental. Why do you do this to me, Franki?! LOL.


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