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My Dad Reads to Me / My Mom Reads to Me

My Dad Reads to Me is a web and mobile portal which allows parents and children to interact regardless to time zone or distance. Through the portal parents have access to a unique digital library of children’s stories. A parent can record a video of themselves reading each book, which is synchronized to the story and stored in the cloud. The child can see the book and video anywhere they have internet access.

My Dad Reads to Me keeps kids and traveling parents connected by filling the gap between direct video communications and missing out completely.

Mashup of Skype and the kids section of a digital library.

- The problem with my MVP -

I'm looking for suggestins and feedback - Thanks in advance!

I am trying to come up with an MVP. I believe that the base problem I am testing is if having a video recording of a parent who is away a lot provides value to the child and family.

My forst plan was to use Wordpress with plugins. I'd put the book and video on the same page and each member will have their own login.

I'll use a responsive theme so I dont have to build apps for now.

This has proved quite dificult; the problem is recording and replaying the video. Most of the plugins which record video run on flash -as far as I can tell-

Ive tried to find a youtube upload plugin, but what I've found only works from the backside of Wordpress.


Next lesser MVP is to have alpha customers send me links to the videos on youtube (private channel) and I can put the book and link on the same page, in their member area.

This may actually work for the first few customers. If they are willing to upload to youtube.


Big holes in porject. From customer interviews -

1. " I only use "real" books"  or similar "my child is screen-free""

2. its  easy and free to buy the physical book from Amazon and then record a video using webcam or iphone/ mobile and to play the two together.

3. "why would I pay for that?"


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