My DC Commute!

Like Catherine, I live in DC! So my commute options were the perfect project for this class. I decided to do everything by hand on paper rather than using paper or another program. 


To combine several metrics, I made a scatter plot showing the time and money costs of the commute and then created a heat map color coding system to show how much exercise I would get based on the mode of transport. (Obviously walking all the way is the most exercise and from my house the metro is farther than the bus stop so that would rank higher, giving it a cooler color.) 


I used colored tabs originally so that I could move my elements around when plotting and intended to use drawings after I found the correct locations. But I liked the color element and the interactive use of the tabs (like having to move the yellow tab to read the orange one) so I created the color coding system to incorporate the color as my visual element. 

For the last challenge, I wanted to show the state of mind created by the various transportation options by showing my mood over the commute duration. I ranked mood options and then also tried to have the movement of the lines emulate the feelings of being either calm (long slow waves) or more anxious (higher vibrations shown in the line). I kept the color coding to the heat map to show how the amount of exercise contributes to mood in different ways. 


This could be refined with more time, but I believe the scatter plot is more effective and gives more information so I didn't continue with this idea. 

Fun Bonus!! I recently worked on a project about the metro for Brightest Young Things that jives really well with this class. It isn't published yet but here's a sneak peek and I'll try to link it here when it goes up! 



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