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Lisa Nichols

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My Cup of Tea


I'm really excited to be taking this class. Kim, you are amazing!

So...I chose as my project a tin that held tea sachets. I used them all up ( and they were good!), so I don't have the to use. I think I may buy more though because the sachets themselves were beautiful, delicate things.  I do not own any lights at this time, so I set up in my family room in front of the bay windows. I had a paper shade behind the set-up and then a sheet of big drawing paper on top of that.  My husband had the tripod at work, so I had to improvise and use a stack of books on a stool for some of the shots. Found this rather limiting though, as I couldn't move around much. The light was pretty soft, which I thought was nice/

This is just a start, but I would like to get some feedback and go from there.



This first shot was on a simple gray background, a big piece of drawing paper. Set up was in from of my bay windows. I bounced light onto the right side with a big white sheet of paper in some of the shots.

Used my Canon EOS Rebel XTI.  I looked back just now at the settings on my camera for this shot, and I hadn't changed them! So I had the ISO set to 800!  So yeah, there's no depth of field and nothing looks very sharp.

In the next Image I edited in Photoshop some. I think it looks too soft though, but that could be because the original image is not great.


Original unedited image above

Retouched below. 

Shot a few more changing the elements included in the set-up. It was late evening so there wasn't much natural light available. This was a long exposure 3.2 sec, f/11, 37mm, ISO 100 on tripod.

Thanks for any feedback, I really appreciate it.


Shoot #2

Squeeze Box

I wanted to do some more work so this morning I scrounged around for some more items to photograph and I found the kids little red squeeze box. 


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