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My Critique Project



For my project, I will do a critique of a book a manga specifically which I, unfortunately, haven't read yet:

What I like about this book is the minimal color palettes, the typography, the few uses of gold on the borders of the book and the writing, how they go along with the composition. The color of the bucket is similar to the forest trees; the girl holding the bucket is entirely white (clothes, hair) and the creature walking behind her is entirely covered in black showing a big difference between the two; the writing doesn't take much space which allows the viewer to focus on the illustration.

However, one of the issues I have is that there's nothing behind the forest, giving it a dull and plain view of two-dimensionality. Maybe the artist intended to put emphasis on the characters rather than the background; in which I recommend to use a black pen to add trees behind the other ones just to be like " ah okay, the forest is big...". The other issue is that the grass is not realistic by that I don't mean the color but the detail. The grass looks like scribbles from my fourth grade sketchbook it fits with the composition giving it a balance; however, barring with the two-dimensional thing I would recommend maybe adding one or two strokes of grass here and there and see if it might work.

Overall, the illustration has done an excellent job on being as minimal as possible, but it has struggled in maintaining detail and the use of two-dimensionality. Hope this critique was helpful, if you have any questions, please post on the comments, thank you!


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