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Monika Kanokova

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"My Creative (Side) Business" – A book for freelancers

Last year I went freelance and launched my business by writing This Year Will Be Different: An insightful guide to becoming a freelancer. 

At first, it was a research project for me to figure out how to best run a freelance business. I interviewed women who were making a living as freelancers in the creative industries. The more interviews I conducted and the more insights I gathered the more I knew I had to share my learnings with others. I hired an editor, an illustrator and a graphic designer and then ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to finance a printed edition of the book. 

The feedback’s been extremely empowering, which is why I decided to publish a second book. "My creative (side) business" will be a book on turning freelancing into a stable business with multiple income streams. I’m currently looking into how to best market it.

I'm always available for anyone looking to bounce ideas off of here. You can reach me on Twitter @mkanokova, Instagram @kathmo or via email [email protected]


This is my work in progress:

1.) What is marketing for:

I want to encourage people to start their creative businesses; full-time or on side. I believe that anyone can pursue a career they truly enjoy and I want to break down how to best setup a creative business by sharing stories of people who run successful companies in the creative industries.

2.) What are we allowed to touch?

This project is only about to start. At this point anything and everything can be touched, turned upside down, and iterated.

3.) What can we measure?

  • Landing Page: http://mycreativesidebusiness.com -> Number of unique visitors
  • Email Lists: Number of subscribers on my newsletter list: http://eepurl.com/bs0iKv and on the list that will only be informed once the Kickstarter campaign goes live: http://eepurl.com/bs0iKj
  • Kickstarter Supporters: The number of people who back my Kickstarter project once it goes live in January
  • Amazon: Sales on KDP and CreateSpace
  • Hashtag: How many times have #mycreativesidebusiness and #thisyearwillbedifferent been used on Instagram, Twitter,…

4.) What can we change?

  • Change the way people feel about freelancing
  • Change the way freelance businesses are being run

5.) What promise are we going to make?

Empower the reader to run a successful business doing what they enjoy doing by sharing insightful stories. Reading the book will help break down how to run a business in the creative industries into actionable steps.

6.) What is the hard part?

  • Finding the audience that is interested in reading.
  • Getting people support the Kickstarter project or buy the book from Amazon without having the possibility to touch the book in-store.

7.) Should we make trends or follow trends?

Follow the trend of more people stepping on the path of independence 

8.) Where is the risk? 

Less people read books. On the other side when you give people books you give them quality time, when you publish content online, you steal people's focus.

9.) Who is in charge?

I am, as the author and the publisher of "My creative side business"

10.) What is the money for?

This is a low budget project. All funds are used to pay the creative team. Marketing must be low-budget, clever and effective. 

11.) How should I be spending my time?

Guestblogging, creating relationships, attending meet-ups,..


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