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My Creative Mischief

I'm finally getting to the project for this course. Below is my square business card. I plan to order from moo, so each card will have a different image of my art. I'll probably choose another background color other than white for the side with the information.


I also plan to order mini cards, which are half the size of business cards, to use as tags. I couldn't get Scribus to put an image in the shape below. :(


If you'd like to check out my website, it's It's nearly complete. There are a couple of little glitches, but overall, I like it. It's a huge improvement over what I had originally.

I don't really like photos of myself. I'm hoping that since this is an artsy thing, I can get away with a self-portrait using Zentangle, the art method that I teach. Faye, will this work or do I really have to have a photo?


I still need to make a lightbox to photograph my products, but I did photograph some sample cards for a valentine's day card class coming up in a few weeks.


In addition to the lightbox, I also need to set up the look of my Etsy shop and narrow my product line to a manageable number of items before I go live.

I was finally able to make the light boxes! I'm making one with a white background and one with a black background. I need a little more batting to put on the side of the black one. First photos:



I will retake them once I have a stand for my camera to hold it steady, but they look so much better than what I had before!


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